March signals the start of a magical time in the Lone Star State. Soon, mothers and social media influencers will be flocking to roadside fields to get a gaggle of photos with the iconic state flower of Texas.

The question is, with bluebonnet season almost here, is it really illegal to pick them?

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When Is Bluebonnet Season In Texas?

From the insane amount of info I've been digesting about bluebonnets, they start blooming in Texas sometime around early March. They'll reach their peak in April. That's when it will be best to see them.

Of course this all hinges on weather conditions.

Once they start blooming, people will be flocking with their cameras, phones, and selfie sticks to fields and parks to get a photo with our favorite flower. Some may even want to take one home. The question, right now, is whether or not it's illegal.

The Simplest Answer Is No. The More Involved Answer Is...Maybe?

As is the case, I'm finding, with almost everything in Texas, there's two sides to the coin. If you're wondering about legal issues regarding bluebonnets this year, I've done the "beating my head against the wall" for you.

Photo by Matthew Lancaster on Unsplash
Photo by Matthew Lancaster on Unsplash

According to a multitude of sources, picking a bluebonnet isn't inherently illegal. Even though it is the state flower, there's nothing that outright states picking one is illegal.

That's where it stops being simple.

You Need To Know The Rules Specific For Where You're At

If you pick one off the side of the road, many sources state that's not a problem. Just don't pick a giant clump of them. You want to make sure these things continue to grow, but we'll get more into that in a second.

Don't trespass onto private property. Don't damage or pick flowers in a state park. That is illegal.

What About Taking Photos In The Middle Of The Flowers

While a lot of people love getting their bluebonnet picture for the year, you need to be aware that damaging the flowers to get those photos could land you in hot water. Especially if you happen to be in a state park.

According to Take Care Of Texas, picking or trampling the flowers before they can seed could make it to where they don't grow back. That means that it is probably a best practice to just leave the flowers where they are, no matter if picking them is legal or not.

If you plan on getting out to see the bluebonnets and get photos this year, be careful and mindful while you do it.

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