I was today years old when I discovered the origin of silicone breast implants. While most of us are very familiar with the busty augmentations, not all of us are aware of their origin story. I just took for granted the fact that they existed.

Did you know that you have Texas to thank for silicone breast implants?

It's True. The Lone Star State Is Where Silicone Breast Implants Were Invented.

I'll leave you to make your "everything is bigger in Texas" jokes. I like to think I'm a little bit more mature than that. You can have the low hanging fruit, I'll stick to the facts (no pun intended).

You have to go back to the year of our Lord, nineteen-hundred and sixty-one. That was the year that the idea for silicone breast implants would come about, and in 1962, the first surgery using silicone implants would take place.

It all went down in Houston, Texas.

Supposedly, one of the individuals responsible for the discovery had a sudden flash of inspiration after he squeezed an IV bag. According to legend he thought it felt an awful lot like a breast. I'm not well versed in the "feel" of IV bags, but I suppose he was on to something.

The first surgery took place not too long after.

The First Silicone Breast Implant Surgery Was For A Texan; A Mom Of 6.

The first individual to receive the then latest and greatest in breast augmentation technology was a Texan; a mother of 6. What's funny, is that when she was offered the opportunity to be the recipient of the surgery, she was getting a tattoo removed from her chest.

Supposedly, she remarked how she'd rather have her ears done instead. They reached a compromise. Allegedly, they said she could have both.

Prior to this, the prototype was about the size of a biscuit and had been implanted in a female dog. The dog did alright with the implant, until she chewed it out...according to legend.

Other sources say that the dog just simply wouldn't leave the stitches alone. It had to be removed. Makes a lot more sense.

Success, And The Rest Is History!

Luckily, the first human recipient of the implants had a little bit more self control and didn't chew hers out, and she left the stitches alone. No, her implants did very well. She never had any complaints, and went from a B to a C cup.

Even more interesting, is that supposedly Houston continues to be a hot spot for those looking to increase their bust. Supposedly, Houston is home to more silicone breast implants per capita than anywhere else.

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