Sometimes, let's just face it, we know we are having a bad day. Is there something right in front of you that can make you feel better?

Well yes, asking for a hug can do the trick. The best part is that hug can make you feel better for awhile.

Researchers found 400 men and women and followed them for 2 weeks. Part of the research was to talk to them every night and find out about their day.

Things that were discussed were their social activities and any conflicts they may have had. They discussed how they resolved those conflicts. They also asked whether they hugged anyone that day.

The outcome was that the ones that received at least one hug on a day they had issues actually were less likely to let that issue break them.

So the take-away is being hugged helped prevent one issue from destroying their day. The good news is that effect carried over into the next day

It didn't even matter who they hugged. Just the fact that a hug was received. Though the researchers feel that a hug from someone significant in your life would have a better effect than some random person.

Though I feel hugging a random person can seem a bit weird. Don't be afraid to ask for a hug. They will help everyone around. Hugs are good for you!

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