Creating delicious meals is awesome! The past couple of years I have discovered two products that NOW make that even easier!

Oh the beautiful Instant Pot and the Air Fryer! Two of my most favorites ever. I can basically cook almost ANYTHING in one or the other! Oh and it tastes great!

I use the Instant Pot to make roasts, pork chops, yogurt, ribs, wings, oh and even wine (if I feel like it).

I like to use my air fryer to make bacon, burgers,chicken, steaks, any veggies I want to fry. Oh and after I cook ribs or wings in the Instant Pot, I like to crisp them up in the air fryer. There is very little (if any) oil ever used. So the food is much healthier than cooking in a regular fryer.

Really I use both of these more than I use my stove/oven now. I am addicted. The time it saves me....and the health benefits are endless.

Do you own one or both? What do you cook in them? Comment below.

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