You spent too much time in the sun. We know we need sunscreen and to reapply it....but that didn't happen and now you have a sunburn. What can you do?

A woman here in Texas recently posted photos of a shaving cream hack that can supposedly cure a sunburn.The hack is pretty simple.

You take menthol shaving cream and smear it on your sunburn. You wait 30 minutes before rinsing it off. That's it. You just have to make sure you use menthol shaving cream. Supposedly that helps your sunburn heal faster.

Does it really work? Yes and no. As long as you don't expect it to magically cure it...but it will help with the pain, and help it heal a little faster.

The #1 ingredient is water, which helps hydrate your skin. Then there is usually palm oil or coconut oil in there too, which helps repair it. So in essence, it does the same thing as aloe. It's the menthol that creates a cooling effect that can help with the pain.

It's a good substitute if you don't have any aloe sitting around. You might even like it better. Just don't expect it to magically cure your sunburn overnight. Just try to remember to apply sunscreen and more often to avoid this in the future.

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