Once upon a time, Texas Department of Public Safety decided to alert the public to the growing issue of safes being burglarized. Yes, the problem of safes being burgled was so widespread that TDPS decided to show us all how its done in order to help...make sure that...it didn't happen as much.

Okay, to be fair this is a video on how to catch the bad guys, not be one. In no way do I condone you trying this out yourself, you maniac.

Texas Archive Of The Moving Image

Classic Video Footage Of Cracking Safes

Several methods of busting open a safe are presented in the video. It looks like something out of an old western movie. Sticks of dynamite. Bags of flour. Hammers and punches. It's actually pretty interesting.

Texas Archive Of The Moving Image

Instructional Video On How To Investigate A Safe Being Burgled

Just in case your safe winds up becoming burglarized, this video is chock full of insights into how you should investigate the crime.

For instance, you should look for fingerprints. As the video points out, most thieves who are adept at cracking a safe will use gloves. Still, looking for fingerprints is just good investigative work.

Texas Archive Of The Moving Image

Watching Video Of Safes Being Blown Open Is More Fun Than Anticipated

It's actually pretty fascinating to see how someone would go about blasting open, or cracking a safe. While it's funny to think about now, according to the video it was a very big problem at the time of its creation.

This is obviously an old video used for, what I assume are, training purposes when it comes to investigating these types of crimes.You can watch the video in its entirety below. It also has the classic "narrator voice" you would expect to hear in one of these old videos.

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