It's hard to find someone who would argue with me on this, there is nothing like going to a farmers' market. The farmers' market is the ultimate in not just farm to table but a celebration of individual business ownership. The folks down in Canyon have a lot to celebrate with the return of their farmers' market this weekend.

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Michael J. Rivera/TSM
Michael J. Rivera/TSM

The weekly event will take place on the square where organizers say at least 3 sides of it will be taken up with roughly 90 vendors. The magic comes from the vendors themselves who sell everything from the expected staples of fresh vegetables and fruits to other items like homemade pastas and locally sourced honey which is always a treat.

It's not just shopping

Another thing to enjoy about a good farmers market is the food trucks. there's almost never a shortage of local cuisine and even if the cost is a little higher, You're usually getting a pretty good meal that's made fresh to order vs typical fast food. Then there's also live music. Looking at the Canyon Farmers' Market website there's applications for musicians too and for me it's always fun to listen to someone new and different playing just for the sake of playing. For me it's also about keeping money in local business and keeping the money here in the Panhandle.

The market kicks off this Saturday on the square in Canyon from 8am to Noon and will run most weekends except 4th of July weekend and September 11th and wraps up on the 25th which lines right up with Autumn Fest.

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