farmers market

The Canyon Farmers' Market Opens Up this Saturday
Canyon is getting ready for a big weekend and a big holiday.  If it's been awhile since you have been to Canyon then it's time to head down I-27 and check it out.  Of course their big 4th of July Celebration is coming up on Monday and Tuesday, but another big event is happening t…
Amarillo Community Market to Open for a Fall Festival
Have you been missing the Amarillo Community Market?  They opened up in the Summer bringing some amazing items to the people of Amarillo.  However, it felt that it was here and then gone in a flash.  Well if you have been missing the market, you are in luck because it will be open thi…
Amarillo Community Market to Close
Back in the Summer the Amarillo Community Market opened and found huge success.  It was something new to Amarillo and it offered fresh produce and local products to our community.  Unfortunately, the time has come for it to close.
Local Farmers Markets in the Texas Panhandle
Locally grow, fresh fruits and vegetables are the best and sometimes it is hard to come by, so if you are looking for fresh, homegrown food, then head to your local farmers market. Here's a list of some local farmers markets in the Texas Panhandle.