As we are getting closer to the month of November there are some more changes coming to some of our local schools. When the pandemic hit in March the kids were all on Spring Break. So the schools ended up extended the break for a bit while they decided what to do with the outbreak.
The decision became to keep all kids at home. They were going to finish the school year virtually. That is when most parents became teachers aides. Helping their kiddos finish the school year too. They learned how to have Zoom classrooms and instruction .
The school year came to an end with the hopes of Covid being gone at the beginning of this school year. We all know how that turned out.
A lot of schools gave the choice. You can return to the classroom or continue to learn at home. The catch was if you remained at home you would not have the opportunity to participate in extra curricular activities.
So the choices were made. Now as we are approaching November the choice has been made. All Canyon schools will be in class only as of November 9th. The decision was made to suspend virtual learning due to virtual learners not meeting the requirements. So they are not doing as well as they would in person.
You can return to class at any point from now until that date but that is the date you will be required to show up in person. All students returning to class will have to follow the Covid-19 protocols. They must all wear a mask and of course social distance.
Here is the press release that came out yesterday:

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