You know, I have a tendency to run my car through an automatic car wash.  I can't remember the last time it was hand washed.  However, I cringe every time I have to pay.  My thoughts usually consist of, "really?  I cannot believe I just paid that much for a car wash."  Well if  you usually have those thoughts then why not get your car hand washed and have the money go to a great cause.

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The Missions team at Family Life Fellowship Church will be hosting a car wash tomorrow morning.

The car wash is by donation only, so if you were going to go drop $10-$15 for a automatic car wash, then take that money and have your car hand washed by some very awesome people on a mission from God.  Yeah, it will take a bit longer to get your car washed but it'll fill your heart with goodness knowing that you helped send a group to teach the Word of God.

FLF Mission Team Car Wash

Where: Family Life Fellowship Church, 3900 W. 58th (Across from the YMCA, behind Panhandle Salvage)

When: 9a-3pm

Cost: By Donation

Plus, if you come around lunch time, the missions team will be cooking up and selling hot dogs.  Get a delicious hot dog while you wait for your car to be washed, then drive away with a clean car, a full belly and heart.