Join the Coffee Memorial on Tuesday as they celebrate the life of a young girl by the name of Carla Contreras.

Carla would have celebrated her 17th birthday this past weekend.  Carla had a spirit about her that would brighten anyone's day just by being in the same room with her and her smile was infectious.  Even through her toughest and hardest times, all Carla wanted to do was help other people.

On Tuesday, the Coffee Memorial Blood Center along with the Contreras family will be celebrating her life with a blood drive and toy drive

The blood drive will take place at the Coffee Memorial Blood Center, 7500 Wallace Blvd, from 9am-7pm on Tuesday, October 16th.  Carla requested two promises before she passed away, for those that could to donate blood to assure it is there for other kids with cancer, and for people to bring toys for under privileged children at Christmas.

You will have the opportunity to do both tomorrow.  Stop by the Coffee Memorial Blood Center to give the gift of life.  Each blood donor will receive a Halloween Vein Drain t-shirt and a ticket to the 6th Street Massacre on Historic Route 66.    Plus if you bring a toy to donate you will get a t-shirt that says "Be the Good" in the World.

If you donate blood and bring a toy, you'll be taking home all the goodies.

Take the time to come and donate blood and toys on Tuesday and remember the amazing sweet life of Carla.

The Coffee Memorial needs all blood types, but right now they especially need type O- blood, so if that is your blood type, then please take the time to join in tomorrow.  O- blood is the universal blood that can be given to anyone in an emergency situation.


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