In the many years I have been celebrating Christmas by playing all the holiday music I have seen and heard a lot of good Christmas music.  Yes, mainly the old classics that we have all grown up on.  Heck the Christmas music our parents grew up on is the same Christmas music we grew up on and it is the same Christmas music our kids are growing up on.  Why is that?  Why is it the classic Christmas tunes seem to be the only ones that stick?

It isn't because the artists aren't trying to make Christmas music. It is just that the people that love Christmas music are not embracing the new.  In fact the latest "new" Christmas song to stick was Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas is you.

Let me remind you that, that song came out in 1994, and it was a cover.

Artists have been trying to break through with a new Christmas classic but they aren't catching on.

Coldplay tried their hand at a Christmas song.  Christmas Lights was released in 2010

It went nowhere.

Lady Gaga recorded Christmas Tree.  I can see why this one went nowhere.

Colbie Calliat released Christmas in the Sand and Mistletoe in 2012

Yet, neither ones became Christmas classics.

Heck, Justin Beiber tried his luck with Mistletoe and with all his Belibers couldn't make this a Christmas hit.

So here we are with this year's picks.

Kelly Clarkson may breakthrough with Underneath the Tree but that has yet to be seen.  Will she join Mariah Carey in busting through with a Christmas classic?

Mary J. Blige released her Christmas album - A Mary Christmas and it seems her version of This Christmas is making small waves.

Leona Lewis released her album Christmas, With Love and her version of Winter Wonderland.

So why do you think the new Christmas songs don't become Christmas hits?  Is it because we as humans love the familiar.  The nostalgia?

What is your favorite "new" Christmas song?


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