There are many benefits of having an office refrigerator. It's a great place to store lunch or you feel the need to keep something cold. So, who cleans it out?  Who gets that job?

Here at Townsquare Media Amarillo, we're lucky enough to have a full working kitchen. We have an oven, a couple of microwaves, and the fridge. We keep bottled water in our refrigerator and that's what I was going for when the "incident" occurred.

We had a company clambake last week and the remains of what was left, are still in the fridge. D,B.Nyce Of KISS-FM made a jalapeno dip, and a bowl of the remains, was stacked on top of three other things, I needed to get past, to grab the water. The bowl slid down a tray of ...something, hit the floor, and soaked my shoes and jeans in jalapeno dip.

If you look at the picture carefully, you can see a tray pointing downward. Or if you're thinking, that it doesn't look so bad, consider that about 1/3 of what was in there, is now on the floor.

I smell like jalapeno dip. If you're wondering what D.B.'s "secret sauce" in his dip is, it appears to be dill and lots of it.

Now, my arms aren't broken, and I can clean the fridge out myself. Which I may. But first, I have to go home and change so, that will lower my productivity for today.

See? That hopping bowl of jalapeno dip is actually costing us money today.  The big boss was behind me and started wiping up dip off the floor, so that's going to cost somebody something. The floor is slippery, and if someone slips and breaks their neck, THAT'S going to cost someone, probably me.

Who cleans out the office fridge where you work? Leave us a comment below. I'll check on them when I finish cleaning out the fridge.

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