It's a never-ending battle. You drop food on the floor, you have heard of the five-second rule, so you grab it and eat it! it really that bad for you?

Is it worse if you are sharing chips and dips with friends and they double dip? What do you think is actually worse for you? Think about it for a minute. Food on the ground or germs from your friends?

If you double dip you know you contaminate the bowl of dip with bacteria. If you drop food on the ground and eat it also has bacteria on it. So they both seem risky.

According to a new study by scientists, it seems a bowl of dip where someones double-dipped is filled with more bacteria than the average floor. That seems just gross.

He found that when you double dip a chip into a bowl and someone else goes in for some dip that chip ends up with way more bacteria. The worst part is those germs go from person to person. So you are spreading colds, flu, coughs and a whole lot more.

If you drop something on the floor and quickly go in to pick it up, you actually transfer fewer bacteria that way. The reason is that most of the surfaces are not going to have any dangerous bacteria there.

It even shows that if you drop food on the carpet you end up picking up even fewer germs than other surfaces. It turns out that carpet absorbs a lot of the bacteria.

Are you going to watch your friends a little more carefully now? Are you going to make sure they don't double dip? Or are you going to just ask for your own hot sauce at Leal's?

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