Here it is the afternoon and your stomach starts to rumble. You know you need something to get you through the rest of your day.

You know you should reach for something healthy like fruit or a protein bar. Will that stop your craving. Is that what you really want? If you have something you don't really want.....will it really help you out.

Why is it that you are really craving something salty or sweet? Why are these cravings so out of hand. Do you give in to your cravings? According to a new survey we crave junk food like chocolate or potato chips 4 times a day.That means that we average 122 cravings a month.

That is a lot. Can we resist? It seems like we absolutely give in more times than not. A whopping 40% say that they will wind up eating junk food after half of all of those cravings. It seems crazy but one in eight people eat junk food each and every time they want it.

When do you feel those cravings hit you the most? Next time you have one check your clock. It more than likely will kick in at about 3:31 pm. If you happen to give in to those cravings that tends to happen by 3:50 pm.

Here are the foods that we are more likely to crave and that we are more likely to give in and eat. Can you resist chocolate....potato cream....candy.....cake.......cheese....cookies....and other types of chips? If you can resist you definitely deserve a reward. Just don't make it an unhealthy snack.


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