So it's not enough that people get into relationships with people that are not their significant other. Now there is another way people are cheating.

With food. According to a new survey the majority of people asked said yes they were cheating on their partner. Not with another person but with a bag of chips or even a piece of cake.

A whole whopping 71% of people asked said that they sneak behind their partner's back and secretly make those unhealthy food choices. They feel so bad that they hope they never find out.

They have even gone far enough as to take their unhealthy snacking and hide food around the house. They hope that their partner never finds the snacks or the hiding place.

Do you find yourself hiding food? Food that you wouldn't want your partner to know that you are eating? Is it because you are both trying to eat healthy? Is it because your doctor has told you that you need to lose weight? What to you hide and why do you do it?

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