Can we admit that as we have more and more time at home the whole snacking thing has become an issue? Is it because our kitchen is so close? Maybe? Or is there something more to it?

Part of the problem is we are a little more stressed right now. When is this going to end? When are we going to go back to a normal routine? Working at home doesn't give us the same interruptions being in the office does. We don't have a ton of co-workers stopping by to say hi. So we are more on the bored side and that is part of the problem.

So we have to look for those distractions, besides food. to help us through the day. If you have kiddos that you are trying to help with school, you already have that distraction. That, though, doesn't cut down on the stress eating.

If you don't have kids maybe you have a pet that you can take for a walk....or just go out to the backyard with them.

We also have to overcome that emotional eating. That occurs when we use food to soothe or suppress negative emotions. Those feelings of being lonely, anger, that boredom we talked about or even the stress.

When we eat out of boredom or stress what do you find yourself reaching for to eat? For most of us it is those processed foods. The ones that are not good for us anyway. We grab the chips, ice cream, cookies...things like that.

How can we make better decisions? It really is what we are supposed to do on a daily basis. We need to keep a food journal. If we write down what we are eating we tend to make better decisions.

So regardless of the situation let's breakaway from the computer screen. Get outside, even if it is in your own backyard. Make sure you keep a food journal. These are the best ways to fight that inevitable weight gain.



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