Coffee is one of those things that a lot of us in Amarillo need. We need to drink so much a day just to be bearable. When you hear that a place is closing down it kind of puts us in panic.

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I saw this announcement on Facebook yesterday from Cliffside Coffee:

Hey Cliffside family! Unfortunately, we have some sad, but also good, news! We were not able to come to terms to renew our lease at Teckla’s location. We will be closing that location on January 23rd. We are currently looking for a new location in this area and will soon announce where we will open up!
We want to thank everyone who has helped us start from scratch at Teckla. We really appreciate the years of support you have shown us here. Thankfully we are also located less than 5 minutes away at our new location on 34th and Western in the Shops at 34th Shopping Center.
We really hope to see you at our new location. It has two drive-thru windows providing convenience and efficiency while still serving up that same great Cliffside Coffee with that unequaled customer service you have come to love.
We want to make it clear again that we are not downsizing, and plan to open more locations in the Amarillo area in the near future. Again, our last day at this location will be January 23rd. In celebration of what was and what is to come, we would like to offer a $1 drink card redeemable at any of our locations with every drink purchased at our Teckla location on January 23rd! Let’s go out with a bang!
The good news is that they are looking for a place nearby to move this location to so you can still get your coffee. The other good news is seeing that they have plans to expand in other areas of Amarillo.
So even though at first this seems scary for coffee drinkers, don't worry.

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