We've come a long way since that photo at the top was taken. I took that photo almost a year ago. It was in December. Today, some news came out about Western Street.

The City put out a new update about the construction, and it's not the one we want.

Let's Just Get This Out Of The Way; The Construction Continues

At this point, many of us who have one reason or another to be traveling on Western are starting to feel the fatigue of lane changes, merges, weird turning lanes, and trying to deal with the people who are obviously experiencing it all for the first time.

I've watched many an argument happen at a red light while someone tries to figure out where to go, surrounded by cones as far as the eye can see.

We'll get into the particulars in a moment. Before we do, the press release states that this part of the project is going to hopefully be done by the end of February of next year.

What Is About To Change About The Construction On Western

The press release states that tomorrow (11/16/22) could bring with it a change in which lanes we'll be traveling on when it comes to Western Street.

According to the press release, depending on the weather, the west side of Western Street from north of Ridgecrest Circle to 34th will be closed. That means traffic will be moved to the existing pavement on the east side of Western.

No break in the army of traffic cones on Western just yet.

If you have any questions, the City has apparently set up a whole website devoted just to the construction on Western.

Go to Amarillo.gov/Western; pretty simple. There's plenty of information there. Interesting fact I noticed when I pulled the site up to see for myself, is that the start date is listed as November 1, 2021.

As always, be patient and drive with caution in construction zones. The crews are just people trying to do a job and they want to get home just like the rest of us. Give them space, and grace, and we'll eventually come out the other side of this saying "how much nicer it is."

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