CMN has an amazing program, it is called Beads of Courage.  Every time a child comes into the hospital for a stay, for treatment, they receive a bead. Each bead represents something different.  Sadly, as beautiful as these strands of beads are, some of these kids Beads of Courage are feet long.

Here are some of the beautiful pictures of the Beads of Courage.

Mix 94.1

Courage Bead

In honor of your courage, and filled with hope and strength.

Mix 94.1

Strength Bead

This small, but mighty acorn bead is in honor of your growth during all the changes and challenges you encounter.  Just like the mighty oak tree, acorns are symbols of great personal strength and survival.  You have strength and courage!

Mix 94.1

Anchor Bead

Your family, friends and caregivers are thinking of you and offer the anchor as a symbol of hope.  The anchor was often a seaman's last resort in stormy weather, it is the anchor that remains firm and steady amidst the stormy waters.  We hope that the anchor will be a symbol of strength for you to help see you through the "Storms" of life.

Mix 94.1

Fish Bead

Just like fish that travel far through lakes, rivers and oceans, your FISH  bead is a symbol of the courage you too must have as you travel away from the comforts of your home to get treatment, and to symbolize the other upstream battles you face.

Mix 94.1

Member's Choice Bead

In honor of your courage, and filled with hope and strength.

Mix 94.1

This is a picture of the Beads of Courage that belong to Linnzy.

Linnzy is a 13-year old girl who has the AML form of leukemia.  She has beaten the cancer and relapsed. She has undergone chemo and is currently awaiting a bone marrow transplant.

Mix 94.1

Treatment Beads

Beige Bead - Bone Marrow Aspirate|Biopsy|Aspirations|Joint Injections|

White Bead - Chemo/Immune Thearapy Infusions/Immunizations

Blue Bead -Clinic Visit/Home Health Visith

Gray Bead- Dressing Change/Skin Care

Magenta Bead - Emergency/Ambulance Ride

Brown and Face Bead - Hair Changes

Purple Bead - Infusions

Yellow Bead - Inpatient Admission/Sleepover at Hospital per day

Lime Bead - Isolation/Neutropenia

Orange Bead - Line Placement and Removal (Port|Central Line|PICC)

Bumpy Bead - Medication Challenge

Bumpy 2 Bead - Mobility Challenge

Tortoise Bead - Procedures

Black Bead - Pokes

Glow in the Dark Bead - Raidation|Echocardiogram|EEG|Ultrasound

Pink Bead - Respitory Support

Dark Green Bead - Stem Cell Harvest|Dialysis|TPN|NPO

Glass Star Bead - Surgery

Light Green Bead - Test|Scans|EKG|PFT|MRI|X-Ray|Others

Square Heart Bead - Transfer to Intensive Care

Red Bead - Transfusions|Blood Products

Aqua Bead - Tube Placement & Removal

Fish Bead - Transfer Unites or Facilities|Long Distance Travel for Care

Rainbow Bead - Visits from Care Team

Milestone Beads other than the pictures above

Ceramic Special Selection Beads - Special Accomplishments|Recognition & Independent in Self infusions and procedures

Transparent Bead - Transplant Glass Selection

BOC Signature Heart - Transfer to Adult Services|Completion of Treatment

Member's Choice Selection Bead - Discharge from Lengthy Hospitalization

This is just a small part of what CMN does.

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