In Texas, we love convenience. What's wrong with something being faster, better, and easier? Self-checkout lanes at Walmart initially started that way many years ago. I still remember when most people didn't want to use the self-checkout. Fast forward to today, and self-checkout is how most of us ring up our purchases. Is there a chance that could be going away?

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2023 And The Drama Surrounding Self-Checkout Lanes At Walmart

As we all get ready to suffer through the final stages of holiday shopping, we must prepare ourselves for the inevitable. There will be long lines at the checkout, and that includes the self-checkout. What once was seen as a novelty, is now pretty much the standard.

Earlier this year, however, we found out that it may not be all that it seems. Walmart did away with the self-checkout lanes at three stores in New Mexico. While they didn't comment specifically as to why, reports suggest that theft is at least partially to blame.

Self-checkout is where a lot of theft takes place.

Could 2023 Signal The Beginning Of The End For Self-Checkout?

Not likely. Self-checkout is a part of our shopping experience now. There's no going back. A lot has been put into making it work. I doubt we'll see it ever go completely away.

However, there is a trend of stores dialing back on relying solely on self-checkout. Walmart in New Mexico is just one example.

Five Below is supposedly increasing the number of staffed cash registers in new locations. Dollar General, after increasing the number of self-checkout stations, is supposedly pulling back on that decision just a little bit. This is all news that came out earlier this month. You can even add CostCo to the list of companies that are increasing employee presence at the register.

According to the majority of reports, the reason why is theft. What I find funny is that if self-checkout were to go away completely, I don't think I would notice the amount of time I spend waiting in line changing. People still show up with three baskets full of stuff, and I still have to wait forever for them to get through the line.

I don't think I'd miss it. Would you?

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