One store in Amarillo, Texas has finally decided whether or not to ditch self-checkout. That's according to a recent post on social media by someone who supposedly works at the store. It isn't hard to imagine. Self-checkout has become a hot-button issue for many retail chains across the country. We might be seeing the first instance of self-checkout leaving the area.

Is Self-Checkout A Cure Or A Menace?

We've seen a lot in the news regarding everyone from Walmart to Five Below considering walking back on their devotion to self-checkout. What started as a way to save some money and possibly make the shopping experience better for consumers has turned into a nightmare for some. Theft at self-checkouts is a problem we all are well aware of.

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One store in Amarillo, Texas may be among the first in the area to completely ditch self-checkout.

Which Store In Amarillo, Texas Is Getting Rid Of Self-Checkout?

According to a recent post on social media, self-checkout is going away at Dollar General. The individual, who claims to be an employee, posted about it on the Bushland Community Page. They say in the post that it will now only be used if there is an employee within a certain radius.


It checks out. Recently in the news it was reported that Dollar General was among several stores rethinking their use of self-checkout. According to reports, Dollar General was planning on removing the self-checkouts from 9,300 stores and restricting their use in the rest.

Why Are Stores Getting Rid Of Self-Checkouts?

It boils down to two big problems. One is theft and the other is the technology. Both seem like pretty obvious issues. You don't have to look far to find someone whose trip to the store took longer than planned thanks to issues at the self-checkout. Also, we're all aware that theft takes place at self-checkouts. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how alluring it would be to a would-be thief to try their luck at an unmanned register.

With Dollar General already restricting and replacing self-checkouts, it makes you wonder how long before other retailers start to follow suit. Could we see a day when self-checkout is no longer used as a replacement for staffed checkouts?

We'll have to wait and see.

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