Let's be honest, most people, including Cowboys fans, thought the chances were very slim that "THEM BOYZ" would come away with a win, against The New Orleans Saints.

Late 4th quarter comebacks are nothing new to Cowboys fans. I've watched Roger Staubach and Tony Romo bring them back several times. Troy Aikman never seemed to get behind much, but I digress. I've held my breath, prayed, and crossed my fingers hoping that last throw, would end with a win.

The Cowboys beat the Saints, because something weird happened and THAT, is a long time Dallas tradition too. Winning field goals are missed or someone fumbles. I thought the Cowboys had blown it against the Saints. I told my wife, Dallas needs an inception, and Drew Brees doesn't throw them. A second after I finished saying that, Brees...threw an interception. Cowboys win.

I've called them the "Cardiac Cowboys" for years. Is there another team,  in the NFL that wins, in the final seconds of the game? I watch those games literally on the edge of my seat. The family and pets aren't allowed to speak and my breathing ceases and my heart seems to stop as well.

One of these days, it's not going to start again and that will be that for me. In the thousands of ways one could depart this life, that really isn't a horrible way to go. What happens then? Does my family contact Jerry Jones and get him to chip in for expenses? Will Dak Prescott send a card?  Will I get my name in the Ring Of Honor? Probably not.

I'm totally aware that football is a game, but being a Cowboys fan is a way of life in Texas. As I grew older, I decided not to let the losses ruin my life. After Dwight Clark stepped in front of Everson Walls at Candlestick Park, and caught a pass Joe Montana was throwing away, I've learned to take the losses in stride.

But the wins? Still awesome! Super Bowl dreams? Every year. Jason Garrett? He's a genius today. Joe Buck? Still a tool.

Somethings will never change.



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