I grew up in Amarillo, so basically it goes without saying that at least 75% of me is made up of Donut Stop's cherry donuts.

It is absolutely undeniable that Donut Stop is the king in Amarillo. Like... let us go back in time a little bit and remember when a certain nationally loved donut shop came to town that started with two K's and they *cough cough*... let's just say they didn't last long. Everyone at that time said that it was clearly because of the powerhouse that is the Donut Stop.

On Saturday, December 1st, Donut Stop is having their grand opening in Lubbock, Texas. So, next time you are in Raider land you can visit them at 606 W. Loop 289 Suite 200.

Their set up, style, and the menu will be the same as their Amarillo location. If you have any questions about their grand opening you can check out their event Facebook page.

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