Our town used to be known by another name? Keep reading to see what it was!

Amarillo, Texas, is the commercial center of the Panhandle, extending into two counties. But how much of our town's history do you really know? In 1887, the railroad business was in its hay-day. Amarillo was the only way to connect travelers from Denver to Dallas/FW. Some said our area would be nothing but a "crossroad". But then J.T. Berry arrived from Abilene to plant a new town in hopes to make money off of travelers passing through.

Berry got other Colorado City (Denver) merchants to make the new town site in what is now Potter County as the region's main trade center. Between the new trade center and LX Ranch, which was an epicenter of the cattle industry in the Panhandle, our city began to grow.

During this time, Amarillo had a totally different name.

Scroll over to see Amarillo's original name!

Fact checking via tshaonline.org

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