Nothing can flood the old memory floodgates like putting up the Christmas tree. It's a lot of work heading out to the garage or up in the attic. It may take hours to haul all that Christmas cheer into the living room.

Once everything gets in the house that is when the real fun begins. The setting up of the tree. You have to make sure all the lights work. Now it's time for the garland, if you use it.

Maybe you live in a household where this is a family task. You are all excited with the last step. The ornaments. They really are the finishing touches every year. If you are like most families you have tons of ornaments that you have collected over the years.

How Many Family Ornaments Do You Have?

Do you have a bunch of ornaments that your kids have made over the years? Every year as going through the box you see those. If your kids are grown, those ornaments may force you to wipe a tear away.

You may have family ornaments that have been passed down from generation to generation. My family has all of those. We also have the fun Disney ornaments that mean a lot. My daughter chose to collect those growing up.

Her first tree this year now proudly displays a lot of those. Those ornaments can spark all kinds of memories.

All Families All Over Have At Least One or Two That Bring Them Back

These are some of the ornaments around Amarillo that bring these families back to some fond memories over the years.

Christmas Ornaments From the Heart

Every year when we put up the Christmas tree we find that one special ornament that brings us back to a special memory.

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