Take me back to 1996. I just gave birth to my daughter, Faith. That was the year Budweiser introduced the "Born on Date".

I may have been days in as being a new mom....but I was THAT mom. I had to hunt every Walmart and Homeland (at the time) to find my daughter's birth date on a Bud Light.

Success was mine....and I did find one. My theory was to keep it until she turned 21 and have her welcome that big day with drinking THAT beer. Which then in my mind would assure she would not be a fan of beer at all.

I moved several times from rental properties to finally my first house....and now my current home...and somehow that beer bottle was always protected. I wouldn't have it an other way.

I still have that beer on my fireplace mantle....never been opened.

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

The bottle boasts that it's freshest taste is within 110 days.....I'm sitting at having that bottle at my home for 8,021 days. How fresh do you think it would taste?

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