Amarillo is stepping up its game, so to speak, when it comes to public transportation. A groundbreaking ceremony will be held for a new "multimodal transportation center."

What the heck is a "multimodal transportation center," and why do we need one in Amarillo, Texas of all places?

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So What Is A Multimodal Transportation Center?

Glad you asked. In theory, it's really neat. I mean that. It's...neat.

Take all of the different modes of transportation available in a given city. Rail. Walking. Biking. Bus. You name it, it has a spot in the multimodal transportation center of the future.

Cue the exciting "future music."

It's exciting that Yellow City is lucky enough to be getting one of these. I just have one question, though.


Why Does Amarillo Need A Multimodal Transportation Center?

Yes, we do have public transportation that operates in the city. We have the Greyhound station downtown. We have Panhandle Transit.

This new multimodal transportation center will act as a hub for both, and other forms of public transportation , according to a press release put out by the City of Amarillo.

The press release states that this is going to greatly benefit customers who use public transit in Amarillo. Which I can understand.

Let's say you're swapping from one form of public transit to another. Now you have one central place you can switch over from. You won't need to find a ride from one spot to another, or walk.

Just ride to the new transportation center.

I'm really curious to see how this plays out besides being a hub for, basically, buses. There has been talk, previously, in the news regarding hiking, walking, and biking. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. I feel like it's an opportunity to do something special.

I hope it doesn't wind up being an underwhelming use of a brand new building.

The new transportation center will be at the corner of 6th and Bowie. The public is invited to the groundbreaking at 3 PM, 12/01/22. Construction is expected to be finished in December of 2023.

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