It's the most wonderful time of the year! Everyone rushing to get their work done before the holidays begin and getting invitations to your-or your spouses office Christmas party. Tread carefully as nothing could be worse, than losing your job due to bad behavior at the work bash,

Employment experts recommend the office boss should send out an email to all employees, outlining what is acceptable at the Christmas party and what is not. It's helpful to newer employees and does some CYA with HR. We've put together some tips to help everyone navigate the potential choppy waters of the office party.

Alcohol acceptance usually appears at the top of the list, of things you should pay attention too. If there is zero tolerance for alcohol during the workplace, managers should set guidelines how much and what alcohol is permitted the party. This is never the place to get wasted. It's embarrassing both to your boss and your fellow employees. Save the lampshade wearing, for another time. If someone doesn't want to drink, for whatever reason, respect their decisions and don't order them shots.

Office parties are not the place to hit on co-workers. Alcohol can loosen lips and can cause problems for everyone. The risk of sexual harassment charges are real. If you have a crush on a co-worker, the office party is not the platform for you to declare your love for them.

If you are going too drink, have a plan to get home. It could be your non-drinking date, a cab, or Uber. You don't want your boss, having to arrange your transportation home. If you're going to drink like a grownup, act like a grownup.  Managers might want to assign "monitors" at the party, and keep on eye on consumption. If the party is during the week, and managers expect everyone at work and on time the next day-tell them up front.

Managers should never force people to attend Christmas parties. You could be walking on someone's religious or cultural beliefs.

If you have a "Secret Santa" or some sort of gift exchange, don't bring embarrassing, inappropriate, or insensitive gifts.

The office Christmas party is a great time to spend with co-workers, away from the workplace. Enjoy it and be smart. You don't want to be the big story everyone talks about for the next year!




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