Everyone has their daily “must-haves” before we can start our daily routines. In fact, even missing what we need to jump-start our day can lead to a workday that is completely unfocused. Here in Texas, there are three basic types of people, sweet, unsweet and half and half. Yep, we are talking tea. Texas tea.

Whether its’s flavored or straight up we all have a go-to, mine is unsweet watermelon with blueberries, my co-worker Shannon who is our Digital Media Editor here at Townsquare Media is always clenching an unsweet coconut, her hand pretty much has the HTeaO logo imprinted in it just from carrying that cup around on a daily basis.

TSM: S. Lewis
TSM: S. Lewis

The crew over at HTeaO on Coulter and Hillside are getting right, and they have been doing it here in Texas for 11 years. With everything changing pretty much on a daily basis due to the current environment, one thing is for sure, the tea is still being brewed every hour on the dot.

Keep some normalcy in your life, whether you’re sweet, unsweet or the half and half type. Smile, there is always going to be fresh tea.

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