The further we get into 2020, the more we get accustomed to events changing from in-person to "virtual." This even applies to getting your free tea from McAlister's Deli.

The McAlister's Deli website refers to this year's free tea day as "Virtual Free Tea Day," which means you'll need to order your free tea online. You can do that on the McAlister's Deli app, or on their website.

The Virtual Free Tea Day is coming up this Thursday, July 23.

They say that the switch to a "virtual" free tea day is because they want everyone to be safe. With all of the concerns regarding restaurant capacity, social distancing, and mask wearing, it makes sense that they would make the switch.

To get your free tea, you'll need to place your order on their app or on their website on July 23. Then, choose either pick-up or delivery for your order.

It's pretty simple.

While there are those among us who complain about things going "virtual," I honestly think it's more convenient. I started doing all of my holiday shopping this way last year as a way to skip the lines. All of these announcements are just an easy way for me to figure out who has an app and who doesn't.

You can RSVP on the McAlister's Deli website right now, or wait until July 23 to get your free tea.

If somehow this makes you angry, just remember that Free Tea Day going "virtual" is going to virtually eliminate the time you would have spent waiting in line to place your order.


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