I LOVE flip flops!  They are my shoe of choice for the summer.  They seem to be all I will wear during the summertime.  So I started thinking should flip flops be a summer shoe or should they be reserved for the beach/lake/backyard?


I am lucky, I have a position to where I get to wear pretty much what I want to, to work.  I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl or in the summer, capris and t-shirt.  I wear flip flops pretty much everyday to work.  When it comes to being an on-air personality we really don't have a dress code.  Now our sales team...that's another story, they are in business dress all the time except for jeans on Fridays.  However, no flip flops.

I know a lot of businesses have dress codes and those dress codes don't allow flip flops, so the flip flops are for weekend use.

So you know  I love flip flops (or thongs, that's what they were called when I was growing up, but now that has a whole other meaning).  I have plain flip flops, I have jeweled flip flops, I have black flip flops, brown, pink, Minnie Mouse etc.

I think flip flops were made to make women happy.  Yes, I said women.  The only time men should wear flip flops is if they are at the beach, lake, waterpark or BBQing in the backyard.  By NO means should they ever wear flip flops to work unless they are a lifeguard.  That comment may get me in trouble, but flip flops (outside of a backyard or body of water) on a grown man just seems wrong.

So now that I'm done talking about flip flops, I may just have to go buy a new pair.

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