Due to the large amount of flu outbreaks in the Texas Panhandle, blood donation has dropped.

The Coffee Memorial Blood Center is asking for you help.  Due to this horrible flu season, blood donations have dropped considerably.  Regular donors are sick or taking care of sick family members.  Several school blood drives have been cancelled because the amount of students who have the flu.

If you are a healthy adult, ages 17 and up (16 with parental permission), the Coffee Memorial Blood Center needs you.   They need you to give the gift of life.

“The flu has hit our state particularly hard, but the need for blood remains constant, and there is no substitute,” said John Armitage, M.D., president and CEO of Coffee Memorial Blood Center. “That’s why we are calling on all donors who are able to give blood, or those who have never given before, to stop by our donor center, 7500 Wallace Blvd., or a mobile blood drive"

If you have never given blood, the process is quite simple and will take about one hour of your time from start to finish, maybe even less.

If you are wanting to give blood but have or have had the flu, all you have to do is wait seven days since your last symptoms to give blood.

This seems crazy to me, that only 10% of people who can give blood do.  That means 90% of people who can give blood don't.

One blood donation can save 3 lives.  So if you can give, please step up and stop by the Coffee Memorial Blood Center today.  They are needing all blood types.  If you don't know your blood type, they will test you and let you know what type of blood you have.


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