I love this time of year. Following all the high school sports. This year may have sidelined a lot of things but luckily a lot of teams got to play this year. I love seeing how late into this 2020 football season there are still four high schools playing their hearts out.

How exciting this is for these students and families. All four teams are playing this weekend starting tonight.

In Class 3A: Division II it will be the State Championship. We have Canadian, who is 14 -1, facing off against Franklin, who is 12 - 2. They will be taking their game to AT&T Stadium in Arlington tomorrow at 3 pm. It has got to be a great feeling for those students to walk into such a great place to play a game.

There is also still exciting action including teams from Amarillo.

Randall High may have it the toughest. They are the  first to play. Their record is 5-5 and they are taking on an El Paso Parkland team that has only lost one game. They are going to be in Odessa at Ratliff Stadium this evening at 6:30 pm. They are in the Class 5A Division II playing in the Area Round. I know there will be a lot travelling to cheer Randall on. I see a lot on my Facebook feed.

Speaking of Facebook of course Amarillo High is also still in it. In Class 5A, Division I Amarillo High will be facing Colleyville Heritage coming up on Friday at 6 pm. They will be taking their game to Wichita Falls and playing at Memorial Stadium. Amarillo High is currently 7 -3 while Colleyville is 7-0.

Our final area high school will be facing off on Saturday in Wichita Falls as well. They will also be heading to Memorial Stadium to face Mansfield Summit at 5 pm. Tascosa is 8-2 while Mansfield is 5-4. The outcome could be interesting.

If both Amarillo High and Tascosa win their games they will be heading to the next round playing each other. Hmmmmm....... That would be exciting.

We cheer all of our area teams on to victory this weekend.

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