I have worn glasses since about 1989. It's mostly for driving and if I sit too far away from the TV.

Well, about four years ago I had gotten a new pair and held onto the old ones, in case of emergency. The first night that I got my new glasses I was getting ready for bed and set them on a little table I have. The next morning I couldn't find them. I realize my memory is not what it use to be, but I knew where I left them the night before.

After searching through the house I finally discovered them under my sofa. This is a place where my little girl "Meme" likes to take things. I know she didn't jump up on the table, because of her size, BUT her sister, "Diva" (the Cat) can very easily get on this table. So, I presumed that Diva got up there and started swatting at my glasses and when they fell to the floor, Meme took control of the situation.

My glasses weren't damaged too bad, just some teeth marks on the ear piece.

Flash forward four years later- to the other night. Same scenario but, THIS TIME I found my glasses  cracked beyond repair. Luckily, Meme didn't get the glass out of the frame, so she didn't cut herself or worse.

But, it's time to head back to the eye doctor to get a new set of glasses.

Gotta give Meme credit though, she wanted those glasses for four years and she finally got em.