When was the last time you took a CPR class?  Have you ever taken a CPR class?  If you have 20 minutes to learn CPR you could save someone's life one day.   ER Now 24/7 Emercency Room and the Amarillo Medical Services are offering free CPR classes in Amarillo.

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The Amarillo Classes will be offered this Saturday.

WHAT: Free CPR Classes

WHEN: Saturday February 6th, 9AM & 12N


ER Now - 2101 S. Coulter
AMS Headquarters - 34th near Tradewind Airport

COST: Free

The classes last about 20 minutes and all you have to do is show up and register and learn how to perform CPR.

Not only will these classes be going on in Amarillo they will be going on all across the state.  The event is being called the "Texas Two Step: How to Save a Life" and the event will be an attempt to set a Guinness World Record with more than 20,000 people taking part in a CPR training event.



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