It's been an eternity in the making, (or at least it seems that way).  The Downtown Connector is finally reopening.

Woman Construction Worker with Slow Sign

One of the construction nightmares in Amarillo is finally coming to an end.  The downtown connector will finally be open.  The connector connects south of downtown Amarillo to E. I-40 and S. I-27.  It will be opened on Saturday.

Not only will the connector finally be opened, they expect to finally open the exit ramp to 26th Avenue from S. I-27 as well.

However, even though the downtown connector will be open, another project in that area will be starting in October that could close the connector again.

It will still be an active construction zone, so please be aware and open the speed limit signs.

That's the good news!  The bad news?

I-40 at Bell will be closed once again starting at 9pm tonight and will remain closed until noon on Saturday.


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