You hear about it all the time. A lot of people go through a near death experience. I have never experienced it before. Well that was until yesterday. What almost took me down? Asparagus.

A lot of kids think it will kill them to eat their veggies. I love me some vegetables. I love asparagus. I lost a little love for them though. It was innocent enough. I was eating lunch at work. I got a to-go meal from our dining room. It included shrimp, potato cakes, a salad, bread pudding and that dang asparagus.

I grabbed one of the whole pieces of asparagus and bit into it. The ends were a little tough but I didn't notice that until I already bit into it a few times and swallowed it. That is where the panic set in. It started break off into strings of asparagus and it was blocking my airway. I couldn't swallow it.

I went into full force panic mode. I am trying to pull the asparagus out of my throat. It keeps breaking. I can't swallow it. I think this is how I am going to die at work. Asparagus was going to bring me to my final resting place.

I have one co-worker in my office. I am trying to hide this from her. I can't anymore. I am choking. She turns around in a panic to see if I was alright. I am convinced this is the end of me. I really always knew I would die at work and here it was. I am not ready. My thoughts of this phone call having to be placed to my daughter.

Do I have my co-worker call 9-1-1? This is her final day at work, by the way. I sure didn't want this to be her "going away story." How on her last day her co-worker died. I am still fighting with the asparagus to get out of my throat. I tried to drink water but that didn't help. I finally had to make myself throw up. Even that didn't work right away. Eventually it did and all that one piece of asparagus that went down wrong came up.

It wasn't the most graceful thing but I felt I am not the only person that this has happened to. I talked to another co-worker who said a chicken strip almost took him down. Charlie even told me he almost met his demise thanks to a breakfast burrito.

So tell me about your near death experience.

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