Over the last few weeks, I have noticed more and more complaints coming through social media about Amarillo Water. I'm talking about the water coming out of the tap.

I personally don't drink the water out of the tap because I have never liked the taste of Amarillo water, but when showering or bathing I have noticed a different smell to the water out of the tap. My clothes also don't smell the same coming out of the washer, I have had to use more fabric softener and enhancers recently.

TSM Amarillo
TSM Amarillo

They may look the same in the above picture, but I guarantee you they don't taste the same.

Several people have posted to social media that it tastes like dirt.  A post on the Amarillo Texas Restaurant Reviews stated:

I've been to three restaurants this week where the water tasted absolutely horrible. Literally dirt in a cup. Everyone with us at all three places agreed. Is Amarillo water getting that bad?

User Roxus159 on Reddit posted a comment about water also:

Man I'm sure of it now the city water quality really went down I thought maybe it was just isolated cases but every restaurant w / without filter have water that taste like the lake. The water didnt taste like this a few months ago did something change in the city a lower budget on the plant .

Several comments about the change in taste followed.

Blessing Woksman at KAMR 4 spoke with Amarillo's Assistant City Manager for Development Services, Floyd Hartman about the water and he said:

Typically with a water system the size of ours you tend to see a change in the taste and odor in the water system.


With the change in water source, the water demands fluctuate throughout the year, but we are told the peak demands happen during the summer, which causes a noticeable change in the dynamics of the water.


"We monitor our system daily to make sure that we meet the minimum standards and the safety for our public, but anytime  somebody has an issue, we would ask that they call 378-6824 to report those so we can research and make sure that our system is operating to the level we expect," said Hartman.

One of the comments Mr. Hartman made was "We monitor our system daily to make sure that we meet the minimum standards..."  Why just the minimum standards?  When it comes to the water that citizens drink and use why wouldn't you want higher standards?

What do you think about the taste of Amarillo Water?

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