After all of this time, Amarillo still has some surprises for me. I recently found out about Mariposa, the eco-village in Amarillo. Have you ever been to Mariposa?

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started digging into what Mariposa is. Part of me was expecting to find photos of yurts with goats freely roaming through a wild flower infested patch of land. Another part of me expected to find some form of odd architecture, maybe self sustaining spheres made out of some strange imported clay.

What I found, actually has me really wanting to make a trip out there.

The goal is to have a sustainable community. To do this they use regenerative learning and aesthetics.

I'm not sure what that means exactly, but I am interested in the giant Olmec head they have out there. Plus, there is a lot of art and beautiful sights to take in.

In fact, as I was digging, I found out that Mariposa kind of became a "spot" for local artists. Their Facebook page has several announcements regarding live music and activities.

A friend asked me if I knew what Mariposa is, and was wondering because they hadn't heard anything about it for a while. Judging from their Facebook page (the website was experiencing some errors when I tried to view it) they're back and open for business.

April 18 of this year they hinted that some big news was coming. Then yesterday (7/12), they announced that they are open and ready for us all to book a stay at Mariposa.

You can find their Facebook page here.

Looks like I need to find a babysitter so the wife and I can go figure out what Mariposa is all about.

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