Amarillo, Texas is feeling the brunt of the arctic blast. We're experiencing frigid temperatures that leave us with wind chills below zero. If you find yourself scrambling to get wood last minute, there's good news. There are several places you can find wood quickly in Amarillo.

Find Wood In Unexpected Places In Amarillo, Texas

It happens. The temperature drops and you find yourself going out to the wood pile only to realize that you haven't gotten wood in a while. Now you have a problem. The situation inside the home is going to be uncomfortable at best. You need wood, and you need it fast.

I recently found myself in this exact situation, and it's nothing to be embarrassed about. It can happen to anyone. I frantically began worrying about how I would get wood as quickly as possible before the house turned into a multi-room meat locker.

Luckily, there are some options available that can cater to your "wood-getting" needs at almost all hours.

Get Wood At An Amarillo Gas Station

It's true. If you need to get wood and aren't sure where to go, try the gas station. Lucky for me, there was a Toot'n Totum nearby when I found myself needing to get wood the other night.

Heads up, if you go to get wood at the gas station it will set you back around $8 a pop. The bundles are a decent size, and with a few of them, I was able to keep warm all night.

Get Wood At An Amarillo Grocery Store

If you go by the gas station, and they don't have what you're looking for, you can always try the grocery store. The wood you can get there is just as good as the wood you can get from the gas station.

Price-wise, it runs about the same. You're going to be in the neighborhood of $8. The wood you can get from the grocery store may be a little different from the wood you get at a gas station, but it still does the trick. Market Street and United, from what I've seen, keep enough wood in stock that you'll be able to get what you need. It burns well and lasts a while.

Get Wood At An Amarillo Walmart

Walmart is always a good place to check last minute if you need to get wood. If nothing else, they'll have a variety of the "long burning" boxes of "logs" that you can get. I usually use those when camping, but they'd be just fine in a pinch if you had no other option at home.

So, have no fear. If you find yourself needing to get some last-minute wood in Amarillo this winter, you have options.

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