I’m addicted to having soft skin! It is the one thing I have a problem with!
I have admitted this for years. I can not wash my hands and not have lotion nearby. If I try...trust me it will be a miserable time for me.
So rewind to my Christmas Vacation and I noticed that all the lotion I use post shower has done nothing for my feet. That really left me stressed!
I always have soft skin! I know I am on my feet a lot but I always have been! I don’t get why I feel my feet rubbing against my flannel sheets and I cringe.
I made a stop to Walgreens! I needed to fix this! There are so many different products on the shelf to help me. Where to start? I was not going out without a fight that is for sure.
I started my day with an Aveeno Foot Mask...to start to soften my tootsies. I then used O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet!
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
Like I said.....I am not giving up without a fight! My next step and I am pulling out all the guns!
The peeling foot mask. I apply the socks and let my feet soak for an hour and guess what?
In 4 days the top layer of skin started peeling. Yes, that did freak me out a bit...but I want to get my feet back to being healthy...so just know that this is perfectly normal....and guess what? It works! Just resist the urge to peel off the skin. I know it is actually tough to NOT do that....keep socks on and go about your day. Once your skin is done peeling I will tell you it is worth it.
I did show the peeling results to friends of mine at work. Some thought it was disgusting....oh and it was....but others were intrigued and will probably try it themselves.
I am finally free of the peeling skin and really am happy with the results.

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