Every year as we enter cold and flu season we get the usual "wash your hands" warning. I feel this year we have finally started to listen. We are a lot more conscious of touching our face.

We are finally learning. We have always been told we need to scrub for 20 seconds or more. We have even been told to come up with a song to make it easier. I am a hand washer. I always have been. I keep the hand soap and hand lotion companies in business.

Finally the rest of the world is catching up. I recorded and watched Jimmy Kimmel the other night. The main reason? Jason Bateman was going to be a guest. I have watched him since his days on "Silver Spoons" back in the early 80's. He was talking about hand washing. He even taught me something new.

He said that Leonardo DiCaprio taught him while washing his hands to take his nails and scrub the inside of the palm of his other hand. That would get under his nails clean. When I wash hands I did pay special attention to under my nails but this is so much easier and more effective.

At a time that ninety percent of people agree that they are finally washing their hands more frequently we can finally rejoice in the news. Many of us find that we are washing our hands rigorously at least six times a day. That is great news. Some are even washing as much as sixteen times a day.

The best news is that most of us plan to keep up these new found hand washing habits way after the pandemic is over. This is great, great news.

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