Today we celebrate Old Stuff Day.  Apparently this is a national day.  A day we celebrate stuff that is old.  

Christine Glade
Christine Glade

So how can one celebrate old stuff day?  I have the answer to that one, you can celebrate by planning to get rid of all your old stuff.

How can you do that?  Well you can donate it and have a charity come pick it up, you could throw it in the trash, or you could sell it.

I think selling your old stuff is a great idea!  For one, you make money off your old stuff.  Two, that old stuff to you becomes something new to someone else.

How do you go about selling your old stuff?   You get a booth at Amarillo's Largest Garage Sale.

Here's how it works:

Stop by our studios at 6214 W. 34th, during regular business hours M-F 9-5p, to fill out the paperwork, make payment and choose the booth space(s) you want.  Or you can just call us for more information call 355-9777 or CLICK HERE to email us.

Then join us for:

Amarillo’s Largest Garage Sale

When:Friday,  March 17th Special Metro PCS VIP Preview 9a Open to the public 10am-5p & Saturday, March 18th 9a-4p

Where: Amarillo Civic Center North Exhibit Hall

Cost: $5 for Adults (per day), Children under 12 Free

So there you go, a great way to celebrate National Old Stuff Day!  Reserve your booth space at Amarillo's Largest Garage Sale in celebration!

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