It's impossible for anyone to truly know every little thing that is happening in Yellow City. However, I find myself being a person that people will call if they have questions. Usually, I'll have heard something or seen something about what's happening in town. Sometimes, I'm just as in the dark as everyone else.

For instance, did you get the memo about the tiny hidden Domino's at 58th and Georgia? Neither did I.

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The Micro-Domino's Of Georgia Street

Not to be confused with the Domino's that is already in existence, living out it's pizza serving days in Wolflin Square. This is on the opposite end of Georgia. Just chilling next to a Toot'n Totum.

Maybe that's why it looks so tiny. It basically exists on a small island surrounded by a sea of concrete, next to a full-on Toot'n Totum compound. It has the store, fuel pumps, car care center, and car wash.

Don't worry, tiny Domino's. Size isn't everything.

The Struggle To Stay On Top Of Everything Going On In Town

Amarillo is growing. That's a talking point that gets regurgitated a thousand times a day in conversations all over the panhandle. With a growing city, comes a lot of change.

It's impossible to keep up with everything happening in Amarillo anymore. If you think you have a good idea of places to eat in town, give it a few weeks. You'll be back in clueless-ville with the rest of us, at the rate places keep opening and closing.

Coffee shops apparently breed like rabbits in the Texas panhandle. They sprout faster than Toot'n Totums it seems, nowadays.

There's a plethora of tiny storefronts that change hands all over the city, and the only clue you'll get is if a window decal changes.

Either we need businesses to do a better job of making some noise when things are happening, or we just need to accept that Amarillo is a collection of neighborhoods and that we need to focus on our immediate surroundings for options, unless we're willing to take the time to explore.

Congrats mini-maybe-not-so-mini-it-could-just-be-the-angle Domino's. May you live long and prosper.

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