Consider how many people couldn't get on Facebook during Wednesday's high winds, there were many posts from people looking for their pets. Gates blew open and fences blown down, set a lot of pets into the streets.

While some had to suffer additional indignities, such as no power, or their trampoline being found in Lubbock, some were able to get on social media with pictures of their misplaced fur babies.

If your dog is on the lam, don't panic. They may be still in the neighborhood and could find their way back, in a day or two. If you have social media, get on it! While other folks are looking for the pets, they may find yours.

Get out to the Animal Shelter tomorrow. Don't call and ask if they found a dog. They'll find plenty in the next few days. Go out there every day. Make some flyers and get one into your vet's office. Pet Smart, and Petco. There are several dog rescue places in town, be sure you take a flyer.

Offer a reward. If it doesn't have to be large, just something for someone's time. If you find your dog, post THAT. Let everyone know that they can stop looking for your doggie.

Good luck on finding your lost buddy. It looks like it could be an active spring, so we all need to check on our fences and gates so we can keep our pets home.

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