One of the inevitables this time of year is that there will be a lot of missing and found pets these past few days. Our pets get freaked out with all of the fireworks going off around the neighborhoods.

It doesn't matter that it is illegal it still seems to happen. Dogs and cats will be missing in every neighborhood because they get scared of the noises and just take off.

What to Do If You Lose Your Animal?

  • Make sure you set out some food outside your house. They may come back to the familiarity. Make sure you have some food. Maybe throw their bed and a toy out on the porch for them.
  • Check with the pound. Go up there every day and check. Their hours are Tuesday through Friday 10 am - 6 pm. Saturday 10 am - 5 pm. 3501 S Osage.
  • Head to Facebook. There are several groups where you can post photos of your missing animals. Join those groups. Post in your neighborhood groups too. Everyone tries to help find those lost animals. These groups are great to have around.
  • Make sure your animals are microchipped. If they are not now make sure you make that a priority. If they are make sure your information stays up to date.

What to Do If You Find an Animal?

  • Most of the list is still the same.
  • Take the animal to a vet and see if they are chipped. If they are make that phone call. You will probably make someone's day.
  • Head to the Facebook groups and post photos of the animal you found. Odds are the owners are frantically searching for their furry friends. Post also in your neighborhood and surrounding neighborhood groups as well. The power of the people comes into play here.
  • Try to give this animal love and affection while they are there. You are saving their life by not just dropping them off at the pound. You are their family until their lost humans find them. They love you for this.

It's scary when you lose a pet. I used to have two doggies that seemed to always like an adventure. I always got them back, luckily. Until I moved and made sure my new fence had cement in the ground under the fence. That fixed that problem. If you can find a way to deter their escape do it. Some dogs are escape artists. So making sure they are chipped can give you some peace of mind.

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