Having a pet escape your yard has got to be one of the scariest things I have gone through. My dogs used to be escape artists. Usually I would get a call that they are gathering at the Chick-fil-A or Walgreens on Georgia. That was right down the street from where I was living at the time.

I would drive and go pick them up. The drive of shame. Once I even got a call that they were at the Sonic on Washington. That was a much farther travel. I was at a loss at how to keep them in my yard.

When I moved to my new house I had a fence put up and had the company dig down in the ground and lay cement before they built the fence. The dogs have not escaped since. It is scary when they are gone and until you can find them. You make many trips to the pound to see if they turned up there.

You know the place on Ross-Osage, we call it the pound or Animal Control. Their official name is Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare. According to their announcement on their website HERE you need to make an appointment before you just stop by to surrender a pet. This is also true if you want to reclaim your lost pet.

credit: Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare
credit: Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare

Their reasoning is they are wanting to limit the cases of Parvo. I get that. Parvo is easily spread and can be deadly to a dog. It just seems like they are making it tougher for us to adopt and reclaim our pets. We just want to get them out of there as soon as we can. Right?

If you are needing to make an appointment this is the information you need to know:

Until further notice- To make an appointment for adoptions or to reclaim your pet call 806-378-9032

Or email: animals@amarillo.gov
Let's all try to be diligent and keep those pets from getting lost. Trust me I know how difficult it can sometimes be when you have escape artists like I did. Let's do our best. Also know appointments are necessary now.

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