You can't always believe what you see or hear. Especially in this day and age. Word has been going around that Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare changed up their ordinance and policies regarding animal surrenders.

The City sent out a press release today saying that nothing has changed.

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It All Started On May 9 In Amarillo

Supposedly there is a post circulating social media claiming that a change to a city ordinance went into effect earlier this week. Rumor has it that the change affected animal surrenders at Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare.

Judging from the tone of the press release, it all had to do with adoptions.

Adoption Still On The Table At AAMW

The press release points out that adoption is still a choice pet owners have when surrendering their animal. In fact, the press release points out that the choice of whether or not the animal will be available for adoption is up to the owner.

It's stated more than once in the press release that owners have choices when surrendering a pet.

Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare Has Several Pets For Adoption

I suppose its a popular enough option that the city points out on more than one occasion that pets are available for adoption. They even have a website set up where you can see what animals they have, and even get a bio for them.

These animals include those that were surrendered by their owners.

You can visit their site by following this link.

You Can't Believe Everything You See And Hear

Unfortunately, these things happen in the digital age. There are posts constantly being shared that may unintentionally give out wrong or misleading information.

It's nothing to crucify anyone over. Most people just want to help out, and unknowingly pass along things that may not be accurate.

Just double check things before you pass them along.

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