Are your kiddos asking for a pet for your home. Yes, having a dog or cat is a great bonding time for the kids. It's a great chance to teach them responsibility. When my daughter was growing up we had all sorts of pets throughout her time living at home.

Some of them I still have. When she moved to Dallas originally she did not want to haul a pet with her. I was ok with that. I was not ready to give up Cinnamon, Chipper or Twilight. After a few years she wanted someone to come home to every day. We talked and decided that with her lifestyle and never being home that a cat was the way to go.

I really wish this was an option at that time. The Amarillo Area Management & Welfare has announced a reduction of price right now on adoptions of cats. They have a lot of cute cats and kittens to choose from. So if you are looking for one to bring home now is the best time.

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Not only will you get the cat or kitten for your family but you will get all the other perks of a normal adoption. For that $5 you will get your cat spayed or neutered, you will get all the vaccinations up to date. Oh and you will have them microchipped as well. A huge savings if you were to price that out.

credit: City of Amarillo Facebook
credit: City of Amarillo Facebook

Trust me I know. My daughter ended up rescuing a new born kitten off the streets and gave her a home. So we had to pay all of those and trust me these $5 adoptions are great.

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